3 Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

3 Snorkeling Tips for BeginnersYou want to go snorkeling but, it’s your first time and you don’t really know how it works. Don’t worry. We are going to let you in on three tips that will be highly beneficial to you when it’s your first time out in the water.

Tip One: Your Equipment is Key

When going snorkeling, you have to make sure that your equipment is good. You need a mask that is fitted properly to prevent fogging while looking into the water. To know if your mask is properly adjusted to your face, ask one of the attendants where you get your equipment from to help you adjust it for you.

Another key piece of equipment you will need is a dry snorkel. These may cost a bit more when renting your equipment but it will definitely improve your snorkeling experience. The dry snorkel will prevent an overflow of water to filtrate into your snorkel when you are going underwater. The dry snorkel also makes it easier to blow water out of the tube.

Lastly, you should make sure that your fins are also fitted properly. They shouldn’t be too loose or too tight to where they can fall off or leave sores on your feet. The purpose of having the fins is simple; it allows you to swim better while saving you energy.  Here is how to put on your gear.

Tip Two: Practice, Practice, Practice

To become good at something, you have to practice. The same goes for snorkeling. It would be a great idea to rent your equipment ahead of time and practice in either a pool or the shallow end of the beach. This is the perfect time to check your equipment to see if it is working properly.

You might want to check to see if your mask is fogging up, if it’s leaking, etc. You should also practice swimming with your fins to get used to the way they feel while swimming.

Tip Three: Stay Calm and Snorkel

In order to go snorkeling, you need to learn and practice basic snorkeling skills and be aware of certain hazards. You need to be aware of ocean conditions such as the currents, waves, and different surges. You should also practice swimming slowly so that you do not become exhausted fast and so you can breathe properly.

With these three tips, you should be prepared to snorkel. Just remember to check your equipment, practice how to swim with your equipment, and remember to stay calm. You will be well on your way to snorkeling and enjoying the sea life with family and friends soon.

How to Use a Full Face Snorkel Mask

Have you come across snorkeling masks? How was your experience using them? Snorkel mask is a current invention that has come with significant advantages replacing the breathing tube. Previously, you could only consider a few options available, but today things are different.

How to Use a Full Face Snorkel Mask

What is the great deal? Today there are multiple brands that you can consider. The best part is they come with different sizes and styles. Some are also configured differently; you will need to go for your best choice.

Before you make your decision to purchase one here are great insights:

Selecting your Right Size

One of the essential elements of buying the mask is to find the right size that fits you. The best part is you can do quick research and get a simple guide that you can choose to buy the best size of snorkel mask. If you buy it and find it is not the right size, still do not worry because you can return and get the right size or refund.

How about the Beard?

It is true most of those who have a nice beard and are happy about their appearance may not want to shave it. However, you need to know it may not be the best for you to snorkel with a beard. What you can do is just to trim it, which will help you to avoid leakage that may occur as you use your mask.

The good news is the mask has silicon lining which is essential because it forms a seal that is watertight against the face. It means if you have grown a beard it will work against the seal, and there is the possibility of water entering the mask which is not cool.

What about the Glasses?

The mask may not have enough space to enable you to wear the glasses you have been prescribed or different types of glasses during snorkeling. However, you can do quick research to get information about wearing glasses.

Wearing the Snorkeling Mask

Are you the kind of person who experiences difficulties when trying to wear things on your head? If you are one, you may find wearing snorkeling mask does not feel comfortable to you but you need to know that is just okay. You need to be careful when selecting your snorkeling mask so that you can get one that suits your need. With the right mask, you can be assured of comfort and easy use. So relax and find the best snorkeling mask.